About Us

Conchita’s Chipotle is a young family business supplying a handcrafted and artisanal chipotle that is made from a 100 year-old recipe from Mexico. Our chipotle is decadently sweet, hot and smoky, and effortlessly compliments any meal as a condiment, a sauce or even a marinade.

We are completely organic, vegan and sustainable. There are no artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners in our product. 

The recipe is passed down from Conchita, who was born in the 1920’s in the state of Hidalgo, in Mexico. She grew up in a hacienda with her family who were descendants of a mining magnate and philanthropist that arrived from Spain in the 1700’s. Conchita became the matriarch of her family and left behind a legacy we wish to share with the world. Our family recipe of over 100 years old is now readily sold domestically on our online store and at our listed stockists. 

Our chipotle is handmade by Conchita’s family.